Candidates Serhii Zinoviev

I’m 41 years old
and originally from Germany.
I’m in Germany for one year and 7 months
and live in Hannover, Germany.
Open to relocate for job

Desired job

Permanent job

Job desire

  • Acceptance Technician
    • Economy and technology, Office, marketing, finance, law, security
  • Account manager
    • Sales field service, sales mediation, Trade, logistics, transport
  • Agricultural businessman/agricultural saleswoman
    • Agriculture, animal husbandry, animal care, Agriculture, horticulture, forestry
  • Carriage driver
    • Travel and leisure, Tourism, hospitality, leisure
  • Retail sales representative - focus on hardware and hard goods
    • Retail, wholesale and online trade, Trade, logistics, transport
  • Warehouse manager
    • Warehouse, logistics, Trade, logistics, transport
    • Sales, consulting, purchasing, Trade, logistics, transport
  • Warehouse worker
    • Skilled and unskilled occupations Logistics, transport, Trade, logistics, transport
    • Warehouse, logistics, Trade, logistics, transport

Driving license

  • Car (B, BF17, BE)

About me

I am Ukrainian, 40 years old, there is paragraph 24, I am looking for a job in Germany in close proximity to Denmark.

I have experience in working in warehouses, for the last 12 years I have been in charge of the wholesale sales of power tools and garden equipment, I know the work of all the departments that were under my command. (Warehouse, logistics, sales, office staff, repairmen).
I have experience in the Home Appliances industry.
Computer knowledge - confident user.
Knowledge of languages ​​- Ukrainian (100%), English (20%).

Hardworking, responsible, communicative, I am serious about the assigned tasks.

Previous experiences

  • 12 years
    6 months

    Warehouse manager

    10/2010 - 04/2023
    Melitopol, Ukraine
  • 2 years
    10 months

    Store clerk

    04/2007 - 02/2010
    Melitopol, Ukraine
  • 3 years
    1 month

    Warehouse worker

    02/2004 - 03/2007
    Melitopol, Ukraine
  • 5 years

    Apprenticeship: Manager

    06/1999 - 07/2004
    Melitopol, Ukraine
    Status: Completed successfully
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