Candidates Shavir Ramouthar

I’m 27 years old
and originally from South Africa.

I’m not yet based in Germany and live in Amaotana, South Africa.

Open to relocate for job

Desired job

Permanent job

Job desire

  • Truck driver
    • Warehouse, logistics, Trade, logistics, transport
    • Transport, Trade, logistics, transport

Driving license

  • Truck (C, CE, C1, C1E)

About me

I am a south African , English speaking that is 27 years of age I'm self driven and motivated to succeed i work hard and would do anything to provide for my family

poverty had driven me to see help in immigration IT PAINS ME TO SEE MY FAMILY SUFFER AND I WILL RY HARD TO WORK THROUGH IT

Previous experiences

  • 8 years
    5 months

    Truck driver

    01/2015 - 06/2023
    oThongathi, South Africa
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