Candidates Mohamed Khorshid

I’m 51 years old
and originally from Egypt.
I’m in Germany for 10 years and one month
and live in Berlin, Germany.

Desired job

I’m looking for an internship or a permanent position in the area of Programming - Database - Admin. - Team Leader (Programming - Database - Admin. - Team Leader).

About me

Technical’s Skills

• Supervisor, Information Technology / System Administrator and Database Proffesional
• Analyze customers requirements and customize existing modules and/or develop new ones
• Assist in resolving client issues as requested
• Creating Network Applications - Client/Server & File/Server (Using Visual Basic & Oracle)
• Good background with ORACLE REOPRT DESIGNER
• Good background with ORACLE DEVELOPER 2000
• OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
• RDBMS – Relational Database Management Systems.
• MS Access & SQL Server 2000 (Designing & Administration)
• Using Visual Basic connecting with any DBEngine (ODBC)
• MS Visual Studio 2010
• MS SQL Server 2000 - 2014
• Crystal Reports
• Creating ActiveX DLL files
• UNIX SCO Course
• PCs & Network TroubleShotting

Management’s Skills

• ERP Specialest.
• Strong problem solving skills
• Ability to meet deadlines and handle changing priorities
• Ability and willingness to learn new technology quickly
• Work effectively under pressure
• Communicate know-how between various departments, and insure proper training sessions on new developments and upgrades
• Assist in resolving client issues as requested
• Create project plans and discuss it with higher management
• Day to day management of the projects implementation
• Excellent multitasking, troubleshooting and debugging skills
• Adaptable to work overtime to complete the projects on time
• Excellent communication, coordination and leadership skills


Previous experiences

  • 1 month

    Apprenticeship: ERP Manager

    10/2015 - 10/2015
    , Egypt
    Status: Completed successfully
  • 1 year

    Studies: Management Information System (MIS) Master

    10/2008 - 10/2009
    , Usa
    Corllins University -USA
    Status: Completed successfully
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