Candidates Diego Lara

I’m 31 years old
and originally from Venezuela.
I’m in Germany for one year and 5 months
and live in Berlin, Germany.
Open to relocate for job

Desired job

Internship Apprenticeship Permanent job

Job desire

  • Warehouse worker
    • Skilled and unskilled occupations Logistics, transport, Trade, logistics, transport
    • Warehouse, logistics, Trade, logistics, transport

About me

My name is Diego Lara Colmenares, I'm a responsible person, very friendly, I like to work and always try to do my best in any situation.

My level of English is B2 and German B1. I live in Berlin since 1 April 2022.I have the permission to work after approval from the Ausländerbehörde. I have several experience in construction, meat factories and gas stations, but I'm always open to new experiences.

I would like to work full time (40) hours.
I'm open for new work experiences, but I would prefer to work in certain areas: Amazon, construction, Ikea, retail, airports, cleaning services.

I like always learning, reading, I try to be an active person and enjoy the little beautiful things in life.

Previous experiences

  • 3 years
    5 months


    01/2019 - 07/2022
    Talca, Chile
  • 4 years

    Studies: Maritime engineering

    01/2015 - 01/2019
    Caracas, Venezuela
    Universidad marítima del caribe
    Bachelor of Science
    Status: Not completed
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