Candidates Daniel Teklemariam

I’m 34 years old
and originally from Eritrea.
I’m in Germany for 7 years and 8 months
and live in Regen.

Desired job

I’m looking for an internship, an apprenticeship, a permanent position or a minijob in the area of .

About me

Wir alle haben verschiedene Begabungen und erlernte Fähigkeiten, aber wir sollten immer versuchen, das Beste in dem zu erreichen, was wir tun. Ein bisschen Kreativität hilft uns auf dem Weg zum Erfolg.
Ich lerne schnell. Meine große Geduld hilft mir, stets neue Ideen auszuprobieren um Lösungen zu finden.

I believe that we all have different talents and level of education, but the thing is , how good are we on our area. Then adding a little creativity of ours leads us to success.
I am a fast learner.The fact that I am patient enough also helps me to bring and try new ideas on finding solutions in any situation.
I am also happy and ready to work on any kind of job.

I always try to be part of a solution. I think hard working and sincerity makes life smooth, and let's us enjoy our lives!

Previous experiences

  • 1 year
    7 months

    Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft

    08/2011 - 04/2013
    , Eritrea
    Eritrean Institute of Technology
  • 4 years
    5 months

    Studies: Angewandte Mathematik

    02/2007 - 07/2011
    , Eritrea
    Eritrean Institute of Technology
    Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics
    Status: Completed successfully
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