Candidates Abderrahim Bouslih

I’m 36 years old
and originally from Morocco.
I’m in Germany for 4 years and 2 months
and live in Aachen, Germany.

Desired job

Permanent job

Job desire

  • Support Staff
    • Apprentice and unskilled trades construction, wood, Construction, ancillary construction trades, wood, building services engineering
    • Apprentice and unskilled occupations Mining, raw materials, Mining, raw materials, glass, ceramics, stone
    • Skilled and unskilled occupations Office, Office, marketing, finance, law, security
    • Apprentice and assistant professions Food, biotechnology, chemistry, Chemistry, biotechnology, food, plastics
    • Apprentice and unskilled occupations Electrical engineering, Electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, IT
    • Trainee and auxiliary professions Trade, cash desk, Trade, logistics, transport
    • Skilled and unskilled occupations Logistics, transport, Trade, logistics, transport
    • Apprentice and unskilled occupations Agriculture, Agriculture, horticulture, forestry
    • Trainee and unskilled occupations Motor vehicle, metal, Mechanical engineering, automotive, metal
    • Apprentice and unskilled trades Art, printing, paper, Media, graphics, design, printing, arts, crafts
    • General and other semi-skilled and unskilled occupations, Cleaning, housekeeping, semi-skilled and unskilled occupations
    • Apprenticeship and auxiliary professions Textile, Textile and clothing, fashion, leather
    • Apprentice and unskilled occupations Tourism, hospitality, leisure, Tourism, hospitality, leisure

Previous experiences

  • 3 years


    06/2015 - 06/2018
    Marrakesch, Morocco
    Plusieur employeurs
  • 3 years

    Téléoperateur centre d'appel

    06/2012 - 06/2015
    Marrakesch, Morocco
    Data embassy
  • 2 years
    8 months

    Apprenticeship: Kälte technik

    09/2008 - 06/2011
    Marrakesch, Morocco
    Status: Completed successfully
  • 3 years

    Studies: Science phisique

    06/2005 - 06/2008
    Marrakesch, Morocco
    Institu sup industrie marrakech
    Bachelor science phisique
    Status: Not completed
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