Candidates Motaz Madi

I’m 47 years old
and originally from Libya.
I’m in Germany for 7 years and 9 months
and live in Dresden, Germany.

Desired job

I’m looking for an internship or a permanent position in the area of Radio Network Planning (Radio Network Planning) or Radio Network Solution Architecting (Radio Network Solution Architecting).

About me

My name is Motaz Madi, I started to build my career since my graduation from Engineering College-Electrical & Electronic Department since 2000 to become a Senior Telecommunication Engineer who has several years of experience on Wireless Field Engineering, and other several years of experience on GSM/WCDMA/LTE Radio Network Design, Optimization & Solution Architecting.

I Have attended various training courses related on radio network design, planning and optimization in multi-international telecom companies. In addition, I have have mini MBA in telecom Business and have attended different courses in planning and strategic thinking.

Recently, and in the past few years, my main task and responsibilities were:

• interacts with the customer to define and provide technical and competence development solutions that enhances the operator competitive position.
• interacts with operator staff, 3rd Party suppliers, regional staff and other groups within Service Delivery organization.
• Perform Radio network design, planning and optimization activities for GSM/UMTS/LTE.
• Analyze complex requirements and propose technical and competence developments solutions in new areas and domains, to enhance customer’s competitive position.
• Select or propose 3rd party suppliers/products for the customized solutions. manage customized solutions and products, including 3rd party products.
• Provide the specified customized solutions for the operator network.
• Drive changes in the methods, processes and guidelines within the different organizations.
• Acts as a mentor in day to day operations to provide insights for less experienced colleagues.
• Captures business opportunities during the entire process in order to contribute to increased sales volumes.
• Manage teams of in ongoing projects to ensure that they are delivered according to expectations and plans.
• Follow up the delivered products and solutions on regular basis with the customer to keep informed about the life cycle evolvement of the implemented solution.

More information & documents are available upon request.

A challenging career where I can apply my diverse skills and qualifications to a full potential.

Previous experiences

  • 1 month

    Apprenticeship: Planning & Strategic Thinkning

    12/2013 - 12/2013
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Status: Completed successfully
  • 1 month

    Apprenticeship: Mini MBA - Telecommunications

    12/2012 - 12/2012
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Informa Telecom
    Status: Completed successfully
  • 4 years
    11 months

    Radio Network Expert

    05/2010 - 04/2015
    Tripolis, Libya
    AL Madar AL Jadid Mobile Co.
  • 4 years
    3 months

    Radio Network & Technology Consultant & Solution Engineer

    12/2005 - 03/2010
    Tripolis, Libya
    Ericsson AB
  • 1 year
    2 months

    Radio Network Planning Engineer

    07/2004 - 09/2005
    Tripolis, Libya
    Huawei Technologies
  • 6 months

    Wireless Field Engineer/Supervisor

    11/2002 - 05/2003
    , Tunisia
    Ericsson AB
  • 2 years
    7 months

    Wireless Field Engineer

    11/2001 - 06/2004
    Tanger, Morocco
  • 6 years
    4 months

    Studies: Electrical & Electronic

    09/1993 - 02/2000
    Tripolis, Libya
    AL Fateh University
    Bachelor of Engineering
    Status: Completed successfully
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