Candidates Nawras Zarifa

I’m 35 years old
and originally from Syria.
I’m in Germany for 7 years and 6 months
and live in Lübeck, Germany.

Desired job

I’m looking for an internship or a permanent position in the area of Commercial and technical health professions (Wahrung, prüfung, medizinische Geräte und Systeme) or Electrical installation, industrial electrics (Alles was mit elektronik und strom zu tun hat).

Previous experiences

  • 1 year
    6 months

    Studies: Medizinische systeme

    09/2013 - 03/2015
    Aleppo, Syria
    Aleppo Universität
    Master of medicine Engineering
    Status: Not completed
  • 7 years
    5 months

    Studies: Elektro-ingenieurwesenschaft

    09/2005 - 02/2013
    Aleppo, Syria
    Aleppo Universität
    Bachelor of Elektronik Engineering(medicinesystems
    Status: Degree recognized in Germany
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