Candidates Farhan Qudos

I’m 43 years old
and originally from United Kingdom.
I’m in Germany for 9 years and 10 months
and live in Dietzenbach, Germany.

Desired job

Permanent job

Job desire

  • Office Administrator
    • Industrial and commercial clerks, Office, marketing, finance, law, security
    • Secretariat, commercial assistance, Office, marketing, finance, law, security
  • Private customer consultant
    • Banking, finance and insurance, Office, marketing, finance, law, security
  • Consultant
    • Management, Organization, Office, marketing, finance, law, security

Driving license

  • Car (B, BF17, BE)

About me

Expertise in Information Technology (Microsoft office words, excel, Database and internet), Assets management, able to make decisions quickly, good customer service skills. I am hard-working, articulate, organized team member who is able to take responsibility of workloads and works effectively to provide a good service. Able to communicate to achieve exceptional performance. Keen to gain further experience and now seeking an opening where existing and potential skills may be utilized t fullest extent.

I enjoy dealing with team workers and customers and my last job took me a little further away from that. I'm looking for a role that will al

Previous experiences

  • 1 year
    10 months

    Office Administrator

    03/2019 - 02/2021
    Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    European Central Bank
  • 1 year

    Studies: Business IT Information

    09/2009 - 09/2010
    London, United Kingdom
    Middlesex University West London
    Status: Not completed
  • 1 year
    10 months

    Studies: City and Guild Advance customer service key skills

    09/2001 - 07/2003
    London, United Kingdom
    Hammersmith and West London College
    Passed Advance
    Status: Completed successfully
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