Candidates Dawit Adonay

I’m 37 years old
and originally from Ethiopia.
I’m in Germany for 9 years and one month
and live in Cologne, Germany.

Desired job

I’m looking for a permanent position or a minijob in the area of I would like to work as (type of job) (I would like to work as (type of job)).

About me

Highly committed. Sense of initiative. Team worker and team builder. Research capabilities. Fond of multicultural environments. Negotiation and marketable skills. Experience in public relations activities and “public diplomacy”.

My Motivation

Previous experiences

  • 1 month

    experience : kind of work

    11/2015 - 11/2015
    What Cheer, Usa
    name of employer
  • 7 years
    9 months

    Studies: marketing

    09/2011 - 11/2003
    Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
    queens collage
    final grade?
    Status: Completed successfully
  • 2 years
    5 months

    Apprenticeship: PA of Deputy Counselor

    01/2010 - 06/2012
    Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
    Embassy of United States of America (Addis Ababa)
    Status: Completed successfully
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