Candidates Emmanuel Mathew

I’m 23 years old
and originally from Uganda.
I’m in Germany for 11 months
and live in Würzburg, Germany.

Desired job

I’m looking for an internship, an apprenticeship or a permanent position in the area of Hotel administration, restaurant management (I have basic knowledge), Planning, architecture (I have basic knowledge), Print media, new media (I have basic knowledge), Biotechnology, chemistry, plastics production (I studied clinical laboratory techniques disciplin), Travel and leisure (I have worked with two travel companies online job), Health care and nursing, midwifery (I have studied clinical laboratory techniques) or Performing arts, music (I had a short training at school and church).

Driving license

  • Car (B, BF17, BE)

About me

I am free lancer, self motivated and easy learner .
I am easy to work with , good listening skills , empathetic and also respectful.
Contact me in case of any questions

My motivation comes from the need to improve my life and my livelihood, I have learned most of the basics, arts and sciences of life.

Previous experiences

  • 2 years
    4 months

    Studies: Medical student

    05/2020 - 09/2022
    Kampala, Uganda
    Kampala institute of Health professionals
    Status: Not completed
  • 3 years
    9 months

    Marketing and advertising

    12/2019 - 09/2023
    Kampala, Uganda
    Travel with vaugh
  • 4 months


    08/2019 - 12/2019
    Kampala, Uganda
  • 1 year
    8 months

    Events manager

    03/2019 - 11/2020
    Kampala, Uganda
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