Candidates Sami Al Ganaj

I’m 46 years old
and originally from Syria.
I’m in Germany for 8 years
and live in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Desired job

I’m looking for a permanent position in the area of teach arabic (teach arabic) or teach arabicK ? any job (teach arabicK ? any job).

About me

I am Syrian , I live in Kuwait , and was working as a teacher of the Arabic language , and, I aspire to work in Germany , he holds a master's and a doctorate in Arabic language " linguistic studies ."
Germany optional reason is that it is a country of democracy and openness ,
I am not offering national and religious persecution in Kuwait and racism because I am Syrian , screaming at me always : Go You are Syrian , and made ​​fun of me , because we have become displaced from our land .
I'm ready to work and learn German was animportant work

Deutschland, ein Land der Demokratie und der Selbstentwicklung und Selbst Rechte geachtet werden
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