Companies Brasov Professional Group

No. of employees
51 - 200
Open positions
Architecture and Civil Engineering

About us

BPG is a Romanian-based company, part of the Rode Group of Germany, which provides administration services to a number of German-based enterprises in the area of electrical installations, civil installations and metal working. All of the company administration systems, which are highly specialized, were programmed in-house. This includes all the software needed to manage self-employed members of the German companies, calculating their profit share, keeping track of their housing and vehicles, a document management system, an absence planner, base data of clients and companies, the ability to generate legal documents like business and residence registrations, and a lot more. We are a multicultural team, including team members from Germany, Romania, China, Ukraine, Russia and Latin America. Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, nestled in the corner of the Carpathian mountains. You can get a feeling for the city in this short video called “This is Brasov”.


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