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How not to go wrong in finding a coursework topic?

It is a basic rule for the writer not to delay in choosing a suitable topic. If you wish to choose from a list of suggested topics, it is advisable to be among the first students in the department.
The topic is selected on the basis of the availability of literary sources, personal interest of the author, etc.
The author undertakes to adhere strictly to the supervisor's recommendations, follow his advice - this will simplify the selection of the topic of future term paper.
It is not recommended to choose a theme of work that complicates the definition of the object/subject of the research. Clarity of wording simplifies the process of writing the paper.
The selection should take into account the reality of the practical part.

Typical mistakes made by students when selecting a suitable topic

Abstract/lack of specific wording of the topic - about everything and about nothing'. In order to achieve the goal, it is recommended for the author to narrow the focus of the topic in question.

Narrow topics. The main problem is the lack of information sources necessary for full consideration of the task in the format of the term paper.

Lack of preliminary analysis of literary sources on the topic of the paper. A common mistake of many students - due to the small amount of information, outdated literature is used. Solutions to the problem - the use of materials of foreign scholars or timely replacement of the topic.

Incorrect wording, correspondingly illiterate statement of purpose/objectives of the paper. In such a case, it is recommended to seek advice from the supervisor or to redo the whole term paper from scratch.

Is it possible to change the topic of the term paper? When is it better to do so?

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