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Citizens for Syria is a civil society organization established in Berlin in 2013 with presence in Syria and Turkey. With many years of experience in the Syrian crisis, our team embodies both a deep understanding of the Syrian context through a long and extensive experience with civil society and concrete connections to international movements and organizations, as well as an academic and professional experience in technical, research and managerial fields.

Supporting Syrian civil society is the core of Citizens for Syria’s mission. Citizens for Syria is a catalyst for cooperation and exchange of experiences and ideas between Syrian civil society actors themselves and with their peers internationally. To that end, we grow and sustain a network of civil society actors, to jointly support democracy, diversity and development in Syria, the Middle East and Europe.

Citizens for Syria is a non-profit organization that works in all Syrian regions and neighboring countries. CFS has a main office in Berlin, several offices in Syria, and we are also represented in Turkey and the Iraq-Kurdistan region This facilitates the implementation of projects in Turkey and inside Syria

Unsere Werte

An active and well-connected civil society that is capable of developing a vision and forging policies that respect democracy and human rights values, both nationally and globally.

Citizens for Syria aims to empower civil society as a driver for change and a guarantor for human rights and good governance, through offering spaces for the exchange of knowledge and resources, development of capacity and conducting relevant researches.


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