Bewerber Mhd Louay Albassal

Ich bin 39 Jahre alt
und komme ursprünglich aus Syrien.
Seit 5 Jahren und 11 Monaten bin ich in Deutschland
und lebe in Wustermark.

Über mich

I have a long experience in the field of maintenance of computers and laptops ( Hardware And Software ) .
Long experience with all computer accessories and service programs and microsoft operating systems and service and professional software download ..
Good experience programs printers machines..
Experience in storeg System Programming (Reid 0 + 1 + 5 ..) and the work of a backup plan .
Networks ( workgroup and microsoft domain controller and active directory and services and police and Isa server ) Building + repair .
Experience in the Hub Switch + Router + types of network cable ...
I have certificates of study everything said and I have a certificate of experience from the company that I was working in Syria.

Mein bisheriger Werdegang

  • 12 Jahre
    5 Monate


    03/2003 - 08/2015
    Damaskus, Syrien
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