Bewerber Almouayad Alzaher

Ich bin 36 Jahre alt
und komme ursprünglich aus Syrien.
Seit 6 Jahren und 5 Monaten bin ich in Deutschland
und lebe in Berlin.

Über mich

In 2009, I successfully completed a degree in business administration with a course in business management marketing. I have the approval of the Kultusminister Konferenz Bonn (KMK), which allows me to work in this profession.
I bring six years of entrepreneurial experience in Saudi Arabia I gained my first extensive experience until 2014 as a marketing manager and as an instructor, and until 2018 as owner catering company (Dumuzi Orientale Food) and seller (vendor) in markthalle 9 street food

I bring two years of entrepreneurial experience in Germany. I am described as goal-oriented, friendly and approaching . I wish to be able to work in a field that is familiar to me, but I am open to new professional experiences.

I am a quick learner, very motivated and I have proven to be able to work independently and in a team during my internship and coursework. I

Mein bisheriger Werdegang

  • 5 Monate

    Betreiber eines Verkaufstands

    07/2017 - 01/2018
    Berlin, Deutschland
  • 1 Jahr


    01/2017 - 01/2018
    Berlin, Deutschland
    Inhaber des Catering Unternehmen
  • 1 Jahr
    11 Monate

    HR Manage

    01/2011 - 01/2013
    Dammam, Saudi-Arabien
    Group of Al Ebaa and Makarem
  • 4 Jahre
    11 Monate

    Marketing Manager

    01/2010 - 12/2014
    Dammam, Saudi-Arabien
    Makkarem Alnokhba
  • 4 Jahre
    11 Monate

    Studium: Bachelor Studium der Wirtschaft

    01/2004 - 01/2009
    Damaskus, Syrien
    Bachelor Studium der Wirtschaft
    Status: Abschluss in Deutschland anerkannt
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