Bewerber Monis Bukhari

Ich bin 7 Jahre alt
und komme ursprünglich aus Syrien.
Seit 44 Jahren und 5 Monaten bin ich in Deutschland
und lebe in Berlin.

Ich suche

Über mich

Monis Bukhari is a photographer uses Nikon DSLR to express his passion for light and color through photography.

Born in Damascus, Syria, in 1978, Monis started photography when he was seven years old, with a simple Kodak camera, then developed his skills with the development of tools to move to use SLR Cameras from brands like Nicca and Minolta and Zenit and Canon, finally Nikon Digital Cameras became his closest DSLR friends.
Because of his journalistic activity Monis forced to flee from Syria in 2011, he transported in many countries of the Middle East to settle finally in Berlin Germany by 2013.

• Monis is Visual Artist, Journalist and Blogger.
• Have over 17 years of photography and graphic design and media experience.
• Researcher in history, middle east politics and religions.
• Experience with multimedia and new-media and Internet security.

Photograph does not made by camera only. It is all pictures you have seen, books you have read, music you have heard, people you have loved.

Personal Information
I was overjoyed when my uncle handed me a Kodak Camera and said, “This is yours now”. I was seven in 1985, but my joy exceeded the joy of Armstrong when he walked the first steps of humanity on the moon. At that moment I owned what created a joy and meaning in all my life.
Starting that day I was spiritually moved through the years and felt blessed every time I looked through the glass lens of my camera. It was a piece of crystal, which transferred with transparency the beauty of a country I lived through, the beauty of the most ancient countries of the world - Syria - where everything started.

Personal Interests: Artist; Filmmaker and Photographer, Researcher and Journalist, love history and enjoy new experiences

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