Bewerber Mahmoud Hadibi

Ich bin 38 Jahre alt
und komme ursprünglich aus Algerien.
Seit 3 Jahren und 11 Monaten bin ich in Deutschland
und lebe in Wuppertal.

Über mich

I returned to Algeria after completing a Master degree of Horticultural Genetics and Biotechnology at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania Greece – in full scholarship program- I had the engineer diploma -Five years of university study- in plant biotechnology achieved on December 2008 at the University of Saad Dahleb of Blida in Algeria, From 2011 until 2016 I was a manager and owner of small processing food workshop responsible of production and marketing (Self Employed), actually I'm supervisor of production in Chips dried nuts transformation and packaging manufacturer.

After secondary school I chose Biology as my further field of education to achieve my professional ambitions. My first diploma introduced me

Mein bisheriger Werdegang

  • 8 Monate


    10/2017 - 06/2018
    Sidi M'Hamed, Algerien
    Dialyfood industry
  • 7 Jahre
    2 Monate

    Ausbildung: Algeria

    10/2001 - 12/2008
    Blida, Algerien
    Blida university
    Status: Abschluss in Deutschland anerkannt
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