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SWIM360 - An EXIST approved Busi­ness Start-up

SWIM360 is a sports wear­able star­tup with a focus on swim­ming. We are a small devel­op­ment team behind the innov­at­ive product that has secured the sup­port of the EXIST Busi­ness Start-up Grant. Our product is an all-in-one device for begin­ners or pros to achieve their swim­ming goals using a fresh new meth­od­o­logy. The device con­sists of a belt and a sensor, both of which when used in com­bin­a­tion cre­ate an ideal all-in-one solu­tion regard­less of body type or skill level. Ranked Top-10 Design Ideas in 2017 at Hessen‐Ideen, the idea kept grow­ing under the sup­port of Uni-Kas­sel and Hum­boldt Innov­a­tion in 2018 and has now secured early-stage fund­ing from EXIST in part­ner­ship with the Hum­boldt Uni­versity’s Insti­tute of Rehab­il­it­a­tion Sci­ences from the start of 2019.

We are pas­sion­ate about build­ing a product that empowers swim­mers and triath­letes to train bet­ter and improve per­form­ance.


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