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At Bonaverde, we live for the magic of small, authentic moments, those little things that remind us of the simple beauty in day-to-day life. That’s why we’re determined to brew the most delicious, freshest coffee in the world – by changing the entire world of coffee for the better. After all, what personifies the perfect, authentic moment better than the ritual of a good cup of coffee? Our mission is to change the way coffee is perceived, traded and enjoyed. Change comes in waves, ruthless and utterly disruptive. We’re riding waves of change in two different industries, coffee and technology, to create tangible social change. Operating within the space of the Internet of Things, we apply its innovative line of thought to coffee, disrupting the world’s second largest market.Through groundbreaking technology, we’re turning coffee from a commodity into a direct consum-able. We connect the coffee farmer directly with the coffee drinker, removing the seventeen mid-dlemen and six months of processing currently in between. The result is the world’s freshest, fairest cup of coffee. Our innovations revolutionize both the way coffee is brewed and the way it’s acquired. The former is personified in our roast-grind-brew coffee machine. This innovative coffee maker is the centerpiece of the Bonaverde Idea, the axle around which this wheel revolves. The machine gives people the ability to roast their own green coffee beans, freeing them from dependence on the current cof-fee supply chain. The latter is in our coffee market place, allowing consumers to buy their green coffee beans directly from farmers, for a coffee that is fairer than fair trade.Together, these two create the foundation of a new world of coffee populated by our consumers, the Coffee Changers. Using their phones to connect to the Bonaverde Coffee Marketplace, Coffee Changers find the latest information on the world of coffees. They’re introduced to more than 25 million Coffee Farmers, their countries, and products. They can also connect to fellow Coffee Changers in our network. Finally, it all connects back through the machine itself. Coffee Changers can use their phones to adjust the roast-grind-brew settings for their cof-fee, sharing their favorite recipes via our network. They can also schedule their morning coffee, even syncing it through their smartphone’s alarm clock. RFID-equipped coffee bags tell the machine exactly how to treat beans for the most delicious cup, while allowing you to access rich media content about the coffee you’re drinking right from your phone. Coffee Farmers can see their consumers on a live map, seeing where the fruits of their labor are enjoyed throughout the world. The RFID tag also allows for a unique “pay-as-you-drink” plan, communicating with the coffee cloud to charge your account only as you enjoy what your Coffee Farmers deliver to you.But Bonaverde isn’t just about brewing great coffee. It’s about building community. A Coffee Changer isn’t just someone who uses our machine – it’s anyone physically close to one. The machine is aware of all Coffee Changers’ smart-phones in its vicinity, connecting to them through Wi-Fi or BT-4. The result is a network of conscious coffee drinkers, working together to shake up the coffee industry. The possibilities for this are endless. You can choose for your machine to appear on the Coffee Changer Map, inviting others to stop in for a free coffee. You can share the perfect roast-grind-brew settings for your favorite varietal, or try someone else’s signature recipe. It’s all part of a constantly growing, evolving network of people seeking to change coffee for the better. Together.


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