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Industry plays an outstanding role for Germany’s prosperity. Almost a quarter of Germany’s gross domestic product (GDP) is generated by German industry. If industry-related services are included, this figure rises still further to around a third of GDP. Germany is and remains an industrial nation. Together with industry-related services, industry is the core driver of growth in our economy. So we are well equipped for the future.
The BDI conveys the interests of German industry to the political decision-makers and in the process it provides support for business enterprises engaged in global competition. The BDI has at its disposal a widely branching network in Germany and Europe, in all important markets and in international organizations. The BDI takes care of the political flanking of international market opening. And it offers information and economic policy consultations for all topics related to industry.

The BDI measures the success of its work by the degree to which its positions are implemented in political reality. It maintains contact with heads of government and EU commissioners, with political parties, parliaments and ministers, with academics and diplomats. The credibility of the BDI is founded on non-party, objective and scientifically-based arguments. The channels through which the BDI communicates with the politicians are transparent.

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We are the voice of German industry

The BDI is the umbrella organization of German industry and industry-related services. It speaks for 36 trade associations and more than 100,000 enterprises with around 8 million employees. Membership is voluntary. 15 organizations in the regional states represent the interests of industry at the regional level.

We take an active part in the democratic proces

Pluralistic democracy functions only when diverse opinions in civil society are articulated in the will-finding and decision-finding process. It is only in the competition for ideas that the best solutions are found for our communal life. That is why the BDI is an indispensable actor in civil life – and an important force for reform in social policy. Industry and industry-related services see themselves as part of society and wish to play their part in shaping the necessary discussions on social policy.

We are intermediaries between industry and society

The BDI represents the interests of very varied branches of industry and industry-related services vis-à-vis NGOs, civil society and academic institutions. In explaining how business works, the BDI highlights the impact economic policy has on society. Our guiding principle is: the BDI serves industry – and industry serves people.


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